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Come along and meet Cirencester Round Table

No pressure, no cost, just a friendly introduction


Throughout the year we arrange a host of great events & tours. They give us a chance to get together, have fun and ultimately do some good. The time commitment is up to each individual – we recognise that real life has a big impact on our members and hope to see them as often as family and work allow.
Events roughly fall into five categories…

Charitable Events

Cirencester Round Table organises three key charitable events each year:

Fireworks – Our largest fundraising opportunity and a key event for the whole of Cirencester…
Santa’s Sleigh – For three weeks in the run up to Christmas various members of Round Table can be found walking the streets of Cirencester, shaking tins and dressed up as either Santa or his Elves. The carols are played full blast and it gives us a real chance to get out amongst the community.
Senior Citizens Supper – Each spring we spend funds raised through the Sleigh to throw a huge party for Senior Citizens across Cirencester. Dressed in our finest DJs we collect around 130 attendees, ply them with sherry, cook up a storm, arrange for a brass band and local crooner to entertain before returning them safely home.

Depending on opportunity and availability we also organise a ball or help our at RIAT and other events…

Business Events

This is where the decisions are made and everything else gets planned. We keep them to a minimum – just three or four times a year… But we make sure we are well sustained throughout – a hearty meal and a couple of beers ensure all that talking doesn’t get too much!

And of course to keep things light there are the all important fines and awards – given out to deserving individuals for meritorious… or not so meritorious performance… Man of The Match and Quote of The Quarter need little explaining. But you will have to join us for a meeting to learn more about The X in The Hat and The Tony Cowan Award (also reffered to as the COTM)

Home Events

Our run of the mill / regular events. They cost little (under £15) and give us a chance to hang out and have some fun. Recent examples have included:

Poker Night
Coffee Tasting
Race Night
Butchery Lesson
Touch Rugby

Away Events

These evenings are our opportunity to do something a little different. Despite the name they don’t necessarily involve much travel but can involve a great deal of fun, the odd bit of energy and without doubt the creation of a few treasured memories!
Rock Climbing

Private Cinema
Formal Dinner
Golf Day

Very Far Away Events – INTERNATIONAL!

Our distinguished web editor has yet to have the pleasure of attending an International event… But he understands them to be a weekend of high culture, decorum and polite company…

Recent tours have included: Malaga, Warsaw, and Budapest and it is fair to say the team usual return with a tale or two. Although what goes on tour… Stays on… Facebook and Twitter!

2016’s trip remains a mystery…