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Come along and meet Cirencester Round Table

No pressure, no cost, just a friendly introduction


Charitable Work

Whilst we have a great deal of fun doing it… our ultimate goal is to raise funds for local causes in need of assistance. Our focus tends to be local charities, in need of a specific asset. However, we are open minded so please send your requests through to the team.

In 2013 / 2014, in a break from tradition we focused on two specific charities, these were:

The Churn Project

Established in 2001, The Churn Project is a small, grassroots charity working alongside the people of Cirencester to improve quality of life and well-being.

They were set up to support the communities of Watermoor, Chesterton and Beeches – areas of Cirencester with significant levels of deprivation and where around 65% of the total town population lives.

Although these parts of the town remain their priority, their services and activities can now be accessed by everyone living in Cirencester and they estimate that around 7,000 local people take advantage of them every year.

Cirencester Opportunity Group

Cirencester Opportunity Group is an independent charity providing integrated education for preschool children and support for their families. They were founded in 1973 and have been providing enriching and stimulating learning experiences to generations of children for almost 40 years.

They offer a child-centred approach to learning through the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum. They are situated in beautiful grounds in Beeches Road, Cirencester and are proud of the facilities that they offer. These include a large playroom, soft play, a therapy room, paved and grassed areas and a Forest School.


Would your charity or organisation benefit from support from Cirencester Round Table?

We prioritise local causes that benefit more than one person. Where possible we like to purchase a tangible asset.


Over the last 60 years… We have helped…

Tennis For Free

The Churn Project


Severn Freewheelers

Cirencester Open Air Swimming Pool

Cotswold Care Hospice

Cirencester Care Share

Rendcomb Surgery Support Group

Chesterton Rovers FC


Cirencester Young Carers

Talland riding school for the disabled

Phoenix Charitable Trust

Gloucestershire Youth Service – Cotswold Area

Cirencester Doctors on Call

Cotswold Victim Support

Ciren U16 Football Club

Minchinhampton Hospice

Cirencester Football Club

Cirencester Ladies Netball Club

Lechlade Cricket Club

Gloucestershire Association for Mental Health

Children’s Wish

Macmillans Nurses


Miserden C of E school

Cirencester Hard of Hearing